Security consulting

When you need that extra bit of expertise.

Our security consulting services are designed to help you fill the gaps in your internal security teams.

Our global consultants have decades of experience  in providing guidance to help businesses develop their information security strategy. Use our experience to your advantage, by getting us involved in discussing your plans.

We work with you to identify your security needs and we help create a robust security environment to reduce risks, facilitate compliance with industry standards and improve your operational efficiency.

100% independent advisors.

Use our experience to identify solid, field-tested solutions to improve your security posture.

We help you:
– Define your information security strategy
– Implement your risk management program
– Identify and manage compliance requirements
– Design your security architecture
– Select and apply security controls
– Interpret security metrics and reports
– Execute on security plans and key projects

We provide unbiased expertise and on-demand access to security experts without the costs of hiring full-time senior executives.