Policies and procedures

A policy framework to protect your business

We help you develop an information security policy framework designed to protect your assets

Policies and procedures are the set of principles, rules and guidelines formulated by an organisation to reach its long-term security goals, they are typically published in a form that is widely accessible.

They provide the framework within which an organisation operates, give important guidance in what the organisation does and how it does it, and it supports consistency and effective decision making.

Benefits of policies and procedures

An efficient policy framework helps eliminating misunderstandings about what to do in situations where data security or the compliance status of an organisation is at stake.

Clear information security policies are an important component of any effective security program, they are designed to result in having an engaged set of employees looking after your organisation’s assets.

In addition to having staff acknowledge your organisation’s information security policy framework, it is important to make sure that they understand the policies. Providing suitable training and bringing policies alive with specific real-world examples can be done in order to achieve this.