PCI 3DS Compliance

3-D Secure done right.

The PCI 3DS Core Security Standard defines physical and logical security requirements for protecting environments where 3DS functions are performed.

The standard is intended for any entity that provides EMV 3DS functions to other parties, specifically: Access Control Server (ACS), Directory Server (DS) and/or 3DS Server (3DSS). It was designed to help secure the 3DS components that are critical to the 3DS transaction process, supporting the integrity and confidentiality of 3DS authentication data and improving the overall security of online payments.

We assist you by helping you understand the standard, select and apply the right controls and we validate compliance against all applicable 3DS requirements.

Typical PCI-3DS validation process

Our 3DS QSA consultants are here to support you
and help you achieve compliance using bright ideas and clever solutions.

Step 1

PCI 3DS Gap Analysis

The process starts with a detailed review of your 3DS environment, security controls and processes against all applicable PCI 3DS requirements.

Step 2

Remediation Assistance

We help you find the best ways to fix the gaps, secure your 3DS environment and prepare for the final 3DS Core Security Standard assessment.

Step 3

PCI 3DS Assessment

The assessment process consists of interviews with key stakeholders, a detailed review of your networks and systems, security controls and processes, policies and procedures

Step 4

PCI 3DS Validation

After a successful assessment, we prepare your 3DS Report on Compliance (3DS ROC) and Attestation (3DS AOC) that you can provide to your payment brands.

PCI 3DS services overview


3DS Scoping Workshop

The 3DS Scoping Workshop is designed to get you started on your compliance project by getting a first overview of the standard and an initial identification of the scope for your 3DS environment. 


GAP analysis

A 3DS Gap Analysis determines the current level of compliance and the specific steps required to validate your 3DS environment against all relevant 3DS requirements before performing the final  assessment.



We help you find solutions and assist with the development of the required policies and procedures to meet the objectives of the standard whenever you need bright ideas to close gaps in compliance.



As a registered 3DS Qualified Security Assessor (3DS QSA), we perform your PCI 3DS assessments and deliver your 3DS Report on Compliance (3DS ROC) and 3DS Attestation (3DS AOC) so you can demonstrate compliance to the payment brands.

Why 247 CyberLabs?

Our firm only employs senior 3DS QSA consultants
holding some of the most recognised certifications in the industry.

Wealth of experience

Our 3DS QSAs have many years of experience both as consultants and implementors of the very solutions they will help you with. We're 100% focused on solving your compliance challenges using bright ideas and clever road-tested solutions.

Well-tested methodology

We use an effective methodology to ensure that you are well prepared to demonstrate compliance with 3DS whilst protecting the security of your payment application. We will give you a hand at all stages of your project.

Top level 3DS QSA consultants

Our compliance services are delivered by a team of international QSA consultants who established a great reputation in the payment industry. They all possess a wealth of experience and the most prestigious cyber security certifications.

Exhaustive and clear reporting

Our summaries and detailed reports ensure that you fully understand our findings, the intent of the standard and the recommendations we provide to manage both compliance issues and risks to your business.

Fixed price proposals

Our proposals are broken down into a costing table detailing each phase and the associated pricing. No surprise costs involved.

Enterprise-grade support

Our unparalleled support includes a response to all questions within 24h and direct access to your lead consultant for those situations where you cannot wait for an answer.