Network security audits

Secure your networks.

Get assurance that your network is set to protect your assets and take your business to the next level.

A network security audit examines the effectiveness of your organisation’s security infrastructure to protect your critical data and system assets.

Our team of experienced  consultants use a structured methodology to compare your existing infrastructure against international standards and best practices such as ISO 27002 and PCI DSS.

Comprehensive reporting

The network security audit service includes detailed reviews of the network topology, devices and configurations, an analysis of   the resilience of your network architecture and an identification of both common and specific threats and risk factors.

The output of the network security audit is a non-technical summary of the identified risks and the key points of improvements, in addition to full details about the testing and the results we obtained.

We provide an action plan with a list of prioritised items with clear recommandations for resolution and suggested timeframes.