Secure code reviews

Secure your application code first.

We use a combination of automated and manual techniques to find coding flaws in your applications.

One of the most efficient ways to protect your information assets is to prevent insecure code from being deployed within your application as early as possible in your software development lifecycle.

We use static application testing techniques to help identify insecure code which could create critical vulnerabilities once your application is deployed in a production environment.

Typical secure code review process

Our security engineers are here to support you
and help you secure your applications.

Step 1

Scope identification

The process starts with an identification of the scope of applications and related documentation that will be collected to perform the code review.

Step 2

Secure application code review

We use a structured methodology involving a mix of automated and manual techniques to identify flaws and issues in your application code.

Step 3

Reporting and analysis

We provide a detailed report that provides useful guidance on how to eliminate coding flaws and reduce risks.

Step 4

Remediation assistance

We will discuss the fixes and retesting on previously identified flaws to confirm satisfactory resolution of each finding.