Penetration testing

Simulate a cyber attack to identify vulnerabilities, evaluate defenses and reduce risks.

With a penetration test, you get a chance to validate that security controls work efficiently to prevent attackers from gaining unauthorised access to your data and systems. Penetration testing allows to identify weaknesses in security controls and evaluates the impact to your organisation before real attackers do it.

Identify weaknesses

Identify vulnerabilities in security controls that a hacker could utilise to access your systems.

Minimise cyber risks

Implement and adjust controls to enhance your security posture and improve your cyber resilience to attacks.

Get assurance

Your testing is performed by elite testers in a highly controlled manner and we do not use techniques that may disrupt your business.

Network penetration testing

External and internal network testing simulate the actions malicious users would do to penetrate your network and obtain unauthorised access to systems and data. The testing also evaluates how your security controls help detecting and preventing such attacks.

Web application penetration testing

Web application tests specifically target the code that runs your web applications attempting to exploit common web-specific coding flaws such as Injection flaws, XSS, CSRF and the vulnerabilities listed in the OWASP Top 10.

Wireless network security testing

This type of testing evaluates the resistance of the wireless technologies used within your network and determines how easy or difficult it would be for a hacker or malicious user to get into your wireless network.


We use a combination of the OWASP Mobile Security guidelines and our own methodology to perform both manual and automated testing of  specific mobile application security flaws. Testing is designed to uncover confidentiality and integrity issues in mobile environments.

Cloud security testing

Cloud hosting providers such as AWS or Azure are often used to support modern applications. Misconfigurations are common and may lead to specific vulnerabilities being overlooked. Cloud testing is looking at these virtual environment vulnerabilities.

Benefits of penetration testing

Ethical hacking is the ultimate way to see your network from the attacker’s point of view.

Maintain compliance

Industry regulations such as PCI DSS, PA-DSS and HIPAA require regularly testing your network and systems to maintain compliance and eliminate the highest risks.

Manage cyber risks

Understand the state your network with regards to vulnerabilities and exploitable flaws and take pro-active actions to decrease risks in a cost-effective manner.

Become prepared

The average cost of a data breach is increasing year after year, penetration testing helps making sure that your organisation is prepared to respond to a breach.

Gain security insights

Your staff will learn in the process. By understanding the methods used to uncover and exploit vulnerabilities, your team will be able to better protect your network and assets.

Penetration testing is an integral part of our compliance programme, the insights we get from 247 CyberLabs make this testing a valuable necessity.

Mark H. Chief Information Security Officier

Why 247 CyberLabs?

Our firm only employs senior consultants
holding some of the most recognised certifications in the industry.

Manual penetration testing

Our penetration testing techniques are strongly based on human intelligence leveraging both automated and custom-made tools.​

Industry standard methodologies

Using widely recognised industry accepted methodologies is key to the success of any penetration testing engagement. We use the OSSTMM, NIST and OWASP methodologies.

Top level pen testers

Our testing services are delivered a team of international cyber experts acting like white-hat hackers to simulate the mindset of real attackers. They all possess the highest cyber security certifications.

Exhaustive and clear reporting

Our executive summaries and detailed reports ensure that you fully understand your risks and the recommendations we provide to manage vulnerabilities.

Fixed price proposals

Our proposals are broken down into a costing table detailing each phase and the associated pricing. No surprise costs involved.

Enterprise-grade support

Our unparalleled support includes a response to all questions within 24h and direct access to your lead consultant for those situations where you cannot wait for an answer.